Step 1

Contact us by phone or e-mail

Please inform the property name of your choice at the time of the inquiry. Our staff will examine the property vacancy information.

Step 2

Provisional application of the property

After confirmation of vacancy, you have to apply for provisional application. Documents will be delivered to UR sales center on behalf of our company.

Step 3

Preview of the room

Our well experienced staff will guide you to the UR property.

Step 4

Application and Paper work

After the preview, application work will proceed. If you aren’t satisfy with the property, you can canceled it.

Application form and copy of income certificate, residence certificate etc. will submit to UR sales center.

Step 5


You have to do the payment of deposit and daily rent. (Please pay by Bank transfer or Cash to the sales center)

Step 6


You have to signature and seal in the contract. (In the case of UR property, contract will be made in UR sales center)

Step 7


After the payment of rent, you can have your Key and can move-in.