About UR Housing

UR Rental Housing is a friendly housing

“UR” stands for Urban Renaissance and is an independent administrative corporation formed by the Japanese national government. UR Rental Housing have about 75 million units of rental Housing (public housing) across the country.

UR Rental Housing accepts the tenants in the first-come-first-served basis and does not require any kind of Key Money, Renewal Fee or Agency commission. Its main feature is that you can move with less initial cost. You don’t need Guarantor as well.

UR Rental Housing have varieties of room from one room to family type. In addition, the floor plan of UR room is also attractive.

UR Rental Housing Benefits and features


No Key Money

At the time of move-in, deposit (2 month rent), daily rent and daily common service charge only.

UR Rental Housing does not require key money that usually take one or two month worth of rent.


No Agent fee

UR Rental Housing does not take agent commission which generated in real estate rental agreement

It does not cost agent fee of about one month of rent which are generated in Real Estate Company occurrence.


No Renewal Fee

No worry about procedures and renewal fee. Automatic contract update.

Renewal fee about 1 to 2 month worth of rent also unnecessary.


No Guarantor

Only document that confirmed your identity is OK!

To ask for a guarantor is not easy thing in Japan. But UR Rental Housing only need a copy of some important documents like resident card, income certificate etc. at the time of application. You don’t have to worry about Guarantor anymore.


Restoration burden division

Restoration costs of damage or loss usually burden by UR city organization

The average burden of customers who leave the UR rental housing in the second half of the 2014 fiscal year is about 30,000 yen.


First-come-first-served basis not lottery

Most of UR rental housing is a first-come, first-served basis

If there is an empty house in UR rental housing, you can sign up in the first-come-first-served basis. There is no such lottery.


 Residence also safe standard

In order to deliver the peace of mind residence, we are also working in earthquake resistant diagnosis and seismic improvement

UR Rental Housing structure is mainly reinforced concrete and steel reinforced concrete, so it is secure and safety.


Internet application possible

You can also look room from the Internet

You can search from area of your choice, railway line, rent, floor plan etc. Once you have find the property of your choice then check for availability. In additional, you can apply for it.


From Single to Family

One of the attraction of UR rental housing is, its plan variations

First of all, decide the area that you want to live, then choose your favorite properties and decide the plan…. Because of its plan variations, you can easily find your desired properties.