What is the difference between UR and general private rental housing?

There are 2 big differences between UR and general private rental housing. The first one is you don’t need a Guarantor and the second is the public housing unique living environment is good. Ground space, playground in complex, good ventilation, sunny etc.

Is UR rental lottery?

No, it is not lottery. UR Rental Housing accepts the tenants in the first-come-first-served basis.

What procedures do I have to follow from application to move-in?

Selection of apartment --> Application --> Viewing --> Submission of necessary paperwork including a tenancy application form --> Lease signing --> Move-in.

Additionally, as a general rule, tenants must move in within a month of the available date of move-in.

What happen if I move room from UR to another UR?

In condition of individual contract, you can take over the security deposit to the deposit of new room when move-in. In some condition, it is possible to move-in only with the daily rent and daily common service fee.

Initial Cost is?

Deposit 2 months (or 3 month depending on property), daily rent and common service charge.

What are the documents needed to submit on Contract day?

1. Resident card           ※ Contract person and also all living relatives.

Relationship certificate of the listed ones should be within 3 months

2. Year withholding slip or Final income tax declaration copy that prove income or annual of pension entitlements.

3. Tax certificate

4. Identification card with photo

5. Stamp (not necessary of private stamp and ready-made seal or an official stamp)

6. Deposit 2 months (or three months) and the daily rent, pro-rated common service expenses

Are there any application conditions?

Japanese people or foreigners who have a qualification to the provision of the UR city organization and need the housing for continue residents.

What are the requirements?

To rent an apartment, the annual income should be 4 times the amount of the rent. For ex. To rent an apartment with monthly rent 62,500yen, the annual income should be 2,50,000yen.

At least 1 year visa required. Short-term visa is not permitted.