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Frequently Asked Questions of Apartment

Following questions are frequently asked by our customers.
If you do not find the answer to your question below, please feel free to ask us.

Q. Can I rent the apartment weekly or daily ?
A. No. The minimum stay is at least one month. However, after your first month it is possible to extend your stay in a daily or weekly basis by renewing the lease.
Q. Can I see the apartment before making a reservation ?
A. Yes. You will need an appointment to see the apartment, so please contact us in advance.
Q. How do I check the vacancies of the apartments ?
A. Please go to "Availability" on our homepage. However, vacancy changes everyday and updates are sometimes not current for that day. Please contact us for the latest availability.
Q. How do I make a reservation ?
A. Please go to "Contract Concluding Procedure"
Q. What do I need to sign a lease ?
A. All tenants need a passport, visa and Alien registration card
( if staying more than 3 months ).
Q. Can I make a reservation in advance ?
A. You can make a reservation no earlier than 2 weeks before your move-in date.
Q. Is there a telephone line activated in the apartment ?
A. None of our apartments have active phone lines. We highly recommend the use of mobile phones due to the high cost of activating a phone line in Japan. We do have prepaid mobile phones for sale.
Q. Can I use the Internet in the apartment ?
A. It depends on the apartment. Please click on "Equipments・Furnishings" on each apartment detail page. If you see "Free Internet" icon on the equipment list, that means you can use the internet at the apartment for free. You just need to bring your laptop and LAN cable.
( use of P2P application is prohibited )
Q. Do I need to pay a deposit or any fees besides rent and utilities ?
A. No, you don't need to pay a deposit. ( with the exception of Colline Kugahara ).
The only initial payment besides first month rent and utilities is the "cleaning and linen fee" ( usually 30,000 yen ). The only monthly fees you will pay thereafter are rent and utilities.
Note: some apartments require extra fee for parking for bicycles etc.
Q. What utilities are included in utility fees ?
A. Electricity, water and gas ( also internet if the apartment has internet ) are included.
Q. Do I need a Guarantor ?
A. No, you do not need a Guarantor ( except for Colline Kugahara ). However, we will require emergency contact information.
Q. Can I have a roommate ?
A. Yes, you can have a roommate. Maximum of 2 tenants are accepted at our apartments. We do not charge any extra rent for additional tenants.
Q. Can I have a child in the apartment ?
A. No children are allowed to live in the apartments, with a few exceptions. Please contact our office for more information.
Q. Can I extend my stay after the lease has expired ?
A. You can extend your stay by renewing the lease contract. To renew your lease contract, you need to give us an extension notice one month before your contract ends. Forexample, if your contract ends on 4/30 but you want to extend your stay for 2 more weeks, you need to give us a notice by 3/30. If we don't receive a notice, we will start accepting new tenants and you may not be able to extend your lease. There is no cost to renew your contract.
Q. Can I make payments by credit cards ?
A. Yes, we accept VISA and Master Card.
Q. Is the utilities fee fixed ?
A. Yes, they are fixed. However, when your total utilities go beyond the fixed amount, we will charge you the difference.