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Rules for living


We ask for your help in separating recyclable wastes and place all trash in designated waste bags. This will keep the trash area neat and relatively free from odor. Designated waste bags must be used for combustible (burnable) waste and incombustible (non-burnable) waste. Waste in other bags will not be collected! Designated bags are sold at supermarkets and convenience stories. Wastes will be collected in the early morning on the collection date of your area. Please, do not place waste on different days or during the evening. More detail: Ask at the local waste collection office.

Noise and Neighbors

Noisy and problematic neighbors are one of the most difficult issues to solve. So be careful not to disturb the neighbors, especially late at night or early in the morning. First off, both parties are tenants. Both have right. It is frustrating for the neighbor who is being disrupted. Complaints about kids, an older adult listening to a loud television, stereos or people playing rap music are often signs of a biased complaint. No piano or other musical instruments shall be permitted to be played later than designated time, nor shall music be taught or permitted to be taught – either vocal or instrumental.

Do not rent to others

The tenant cannot allow anyone else to rent the apartment or to take over the lease. If landlord does agree to a sublease, it will have to be in writing.

Using public areas and balconies

The halls, stairs, and other locations outside of your housing are public service areas. No public halls or passageways shall, be obstructed by package, boxes, or otherwise. These public service areas and balconies are also used as escape routes in times of emergency. Children positively are not allowed to play in corridors, entrance halls, on the roof.


Smoking is prohibited in all common areas. When outdoors, please be courteous and avoid smoking near Resident windows, doors, or entryways, or in garages. Residents must pick up after all smoking materials.

Bicycle parking space

Line up your bicycle in an orderly fashion in the designated area, such as a bicycle parking space. When there are rules, such as affixing a special sticker to the bicycle, these rules must be followed.


It is important to know that you cannot own a car in Tokyo without having a parking space first. Almost all apartment buildings or homes offer parking spaces for tenants but if you need parking it is still important to check if the property you are interested in has parking available.


A landlord may prohibit the tenant from having pets. If pets are not permitted, the lease should the specifically say so. If pets are allowed, the landlord may charge a pet fee and a pet deposit. This is a part of the rental agreement and should be set out in the lease. No birds, cat, dogs, or other animals shall be maintained in or about the premises without the written consent of the owner, or his agent.