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Move-in tips

Move-n checklist
Don` t rush through your inspection of your potential new apartment. Be thorough and take your time. After all, it will be your home for at least the a few years, make sure you choose a place that you know you will be happy with.

Real Estate Agency will give you guidance and telephone numbers of local Gas, Electricity and Water companies. You can simply call for opening your accounts to each of local Customer Centers. All utilities bills can be paid at the banks, post offices, and convenience stores. You may also pay automatic transfer by applying directly at the bank or post office together with the necessary documents.

  1. Gas Company
    Please, contact the gas company in advance and the gas company person will came for turning "on" and shutting "off" the gas meter company. In case of a gas leak, turn the supply gas valve shut and open all doors and windows.
  2. Electricity
    After applied your account in the Electricity Company, TEPCO staff will come and switching the circuit breakers to the "on" position.
  3. Water and Sewer
    After applied your account in the Water Company you can open the valve if it is closed on move in day. In Japan, water from the tap is usually safe to drink. In case of waterworks-related construction in the neighborhood, where tap water supply will be temporarily stopped, you will get notification in advance through posters from the Customer Service Center. Payment of water bills is done every alternate month for two months period.
  4. All documents
    When you move-in change your former address to your new address on your personal documents. (School, bank, insurance, cell phone and etc).