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Renting Guide

Live in Japan provides useful information on available apartments that can help for foreigners seeking long-term accommodation. Finding it in Tokyo can be nightmare for foreigners. Many Japanese landlords refuse to deal with non-Japanese, so specialist companies like us have stepped into the breach to let to foreigners.

Our English speaker staff-members aspire to find your desired apartment with you.
There are many available apartments in our database.
We hope you find some time to drop by and visit us at our office.

Preparation from Customer

Preparation for finding apartment
How decide where you want to live ?
The location, train and subway lines, closest stations, distance, what type of apartment, room size, furnishing, equipments, public service` places as post office, bank, hospital, supermarket and convenience stores around apartment.
What kind of documents required ?
Your personal identification such as passport, alien registration card or residence card, student` s card, occupation, proof of income and etc.
How much the budget will be about ?
Monthly rent, key money, deposit money, agent fee, fire insurance fee, key exchange fee, guarantor company fee (if you use the guarantor company service). You can calculate here: calculation
How long it will take to find my apartment ?
It will take about 2 weeks to a month. (From looking for apartment to move-in)
What is the process to find apartment
Simply fill out the "Inquiry Form" giving us as many details about apartment
  1. You can visit and get all your answers in person at our shop.
  2. You can get it by email or fax.
We can give you apartment information according to your request.
  1. Floor plan and photos
  2. Viewing the rental apartments
Once you have chosen your preferred apartment, you will be required to submit a Rental Application Form.
  1. You can get the "Application Form" from real estate agency
  2. Please, wait the tenant examination result of rental application for 1 to 2 days
Signing the Rental Agreement
  1. Make sure and check all contents before your signature and seal on contract.
  2. Signing the rental agreement
  3. You will get the keys of the apartment after sign