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Guest house Kugahara ROOM FILE

Guest house Kugahara PHOTOS


Guest house Kugahara 2F

( Photo ) 2F Single room

Guest house Kugahara MAP and ACSESS


Guest house Kugahara : 3-30-9 Kugahara, Ota-ku, Tokyo


6-min walk from Kugahara sta. on Tokyu-Ikegami Line.

Guest house Kugahara PHOTOS 2

Guest house Kugahara External Guest house Kugahara  2F Single room

( Photo left ) External ( Photo right ) 2F Single room

Guest house Kugahara 1F Single room Guest house Kugahara 1F Single room

( Photo left ) 1F Single room ( Photo right ) 1F Single room

Guest house Kugahara Kitchen Guest house Kugahara Shared Space

( Photo left ) Kitchen ( Photo right ) Shared Space

Guest house Kugahara FLOOR PLAN

1F floor plan

1F Floor plan

2F floor plan

2F Floor plan

*Floor plan is clicked, it expands.

Guest house Kugahara RENT

Rent table

1F Single room ¥ 80,000 For the rent
one month
It is no charge except electricity. ¥ 84,000
( )
2F Single room ¥ 75,000 ¥ 78,750
( )

*The cost when contracting is deposit and agent commission and for the rent one month.
*Renewal fee is not necessary at the time of the renewal.
Renewal is only documents. *The utility bill is free excluding electricity.
A single room of the second floor is only female.


All types are one person.


As for payment, cash, the bank transfer, and visa and master are possible.Details " the way to pay " viewing.

Guest house Kugahara FURNISHINGS and EQIPMENT

1F Single room

Bedding Hot water suply Shower room toilet Air conditioner Cabinet Lighting Curtain Dsck set

2F Single room

Bedding Hot water suply Unit Bath Air conditioner Cabinet Lighting Curtain Dsck set Female only

*Female only

Furnishings equipment ( Common use )

Free internet access Hot water suply IH cooking stove Refrigerator Microwave Electric pot Tableware Kitchen chest Vacuum cleaner TV Table set Washing Machine Wash drier

*The free Internet PC is in a common area.
*Launderette ( charge )
*The kitchen and the counter table are on the second floor.

Icon details

Guest house Kugahara OUTLINE

Colline Kugahara
3-30-9 Kugahara, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Year built
Built in Dec. 2003
Total numbers
1st floor - 2nd floor 9rooms ( all single room )
Materisl, Size
Block making and steel frame structure 3 stories building.
Ichii Corporation, Ltd.


1F Single room
2F Single room

*It gives priority to the current state when floor plan,photos and moveis of equipment,furnishings are different from the current state.