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Property ID 1027940
Propery name Villa PASHIMON 2
Address Shimoigusa 4, Suginami-ku, Tokyo13-3
Nearest station Seibu Shinjuku Line Shino-igusa st. 8min
Sobu Line Ogikubo st. min
Seibu Shinjuku Line Iogi st. 14min
Type / Structure Terrace House / Lightweight steel
Bilt in 1993.01
Equipment city gas, Hot water suply, Interphone with a monitor, CATV, Internet (CATV), Parking
Equipment (room) Air conditioner, Washing machine in the room , Separated toilet/bath, Bath, Dressing space , Separated sink, Storage room, Basment, Shoe box, Security Shutter , Balcony, Bar room
Common conditions
Prohibited matter Motorcycle parking is not possible (including moped), No pets allowed, Gakki ensō-fuka 6/5000 Musical instruments not playable, No oil available, Private lodging such as airbnb is not available

All rooms

Property ID Rent Misc. Key money Deposit
102 under contract
101 under contract
103 under contract