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Difference from foreign countries

Greeting the neighbors

In Japan, it is the custom when one moves into a new location to go around the neighbors and people living on the floors above and below you to introduce yourself. Give your name and simple self-introduction. It is convenient to be acquainted with each other. Take care on a daily basis to great people when you meet them.

Japanese style room

Japanese style-room with tatami mats on the floor. Western style-room is room with flooring or carpet on the floor. Do you want all the trappings of Western room, such as a bed, or are you happy to go native and sleep on a futon?

Japanese bathroom

Generally, bathrooms in Japan have a separate washing area from the bathtub. The bathtub is only used to hold hot water and washing of the hair or body is done outside of the bathtub in the washing area. Japanese people, first rinse off all of the shampoo and soap before soaking in the bathtub. If more than one person will take a bath, the hot water in the bathtub is not drained and can be used as is for the next person

Japanese style toilet

When using a Japanese-style toilet, squat facing the doomed part. Tenant must keep that part of the premises which they occupy and use as clean and sanitary as the conditions of the premises permit.